1957 Jaguar D-Type for Sale


Authentically Built Jaguar D-Type

Newsletter readers may remember when a real 1956 Jaguar D-Type sold for $21.78 million at the RM-Sotheby’s Auction in Monterey last summer. Interestingly this week, a very authentic replica, a one-off build, is being offered for sale in our Jaguar Section online. You will want to read the build information on this 1957 Jaguar D-Type reproduction. It was actually built using wooden bucks to hand form the aluminum body panels with an English wheel. The man who did the work is a well-known New Zealand craftsman. Click here to review the build information. A race driver who piloted a real D-Type back in the day says this one handles and feels like the original. This is a magnificent piece of automotive history to own.

1957 Jaguar D-Type 1  1957 Jaguar D-Type 2  1957 Jaguar D-Type 3

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